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Here are some things to keep in mind before you buy the LED lighting products.

The Kelvin Scale (K) and what color works best for where the LED light will be used, 2,700K-3,000K is commonly used in your home. 3,500K, 4,100K and 5,000K is commonly used in Business or Industrial. 5,000K is commonly used for Outdoor Lighting for both Home, Business and Industrial. With the lower Kelvin number, you will have a more yellow color for your light (warm). The higher the Kelvin number you will have a more bluer color (daylight).

The Lumen (Lm) Output emitted to an area you are trying to light.  We try to match the existing fixture or bulb being replaced Lumen wise with the same amount of lumens with new LED. A lot of times the LED lights work out to be brighter depending on how the light is defused. The LED lights are usually brighter than the equivalent wattage so it is best to match the lumen output. We run into this and we are able to use a lower wattage LED giving us greater savings.

 The Beam angle is also important to provide proper coverage of light needed. Different LED fixtures and LED bulbs provide different beam angles. Most of the time this is not that important unless the LED needs to be a narrow flood or wide flood. The LED T8 lamps that are Direct Fit, External Driver or Internal Driver work for most applications, but light is only distributed on one side of the lamp with different beam angles.

 The Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating is important and you want to look for 80 CRI or higher, EXCEPT for OUTDOOR LIGHTING the CRI rating is less important. The CRI will make objects look clearer and will reveal color more brilliantly the higher the CRI rating is. So a good rule of thumb is to buy any LED Light fixtures, LED T8 lamps or LED bulbs with an 80 CRI or greater. This excludes exterior because most exterior LED fixtures, have a lower CRI rating and outside you’re just providing illumination so its less important how colors look on objects.

An important thing to consider when purchasing an LED product is the rated hour life of an LED and factoring in the usage. LED products could last you in some cases 15-20 years or much longer and most have a 5-10 year warranty.

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