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The Advantage of LED wet location fixture for parking garage projects

LED Parking Garage fixture

longer-life LED wet location

LEDs are a solid state technology that produce light without the need to burn a filament.

Accordingly they last significantly longer.Most will burn for 50,000 to 100,000 hours or more without a

relevant decrease in light output.Besides,the longer life LED wet location fixture will save lots of maintenance

expenses in the lighting world manifest themselves in three primary ways.

1.Cost of replacement lamps and fixtures

2.Cost of labor to replace spent lamps or damaged fixtures

3.Warranty protection and duration


A 40% decrease in energy usage combined with available utility rebates results in up to 80% rst year return on investment.

In many cases the utility rebates can equal the premium paid for LED vs. Fluorescent.


The higher efficiency of  Brandon’s LED wet location fixture results in up to 130 lumens per watt.

Our high transmission lenses provide improved visual comfort with a wider, smoother and more uniform light output.


Quick starting at -40°C with no loss of light makes Brandon’s LED wet location and Wet Location the ideal choice for cold
climate applications.


All Brandon LED wet location fixture are on the DLC qualified product list and eligible for rebates from DLC Member Utilities.


10-100% dimming is option on all Brandon LED fixtures. Other integrated controls including motion sensors,

daylight harvesting and step-dimming sensor are available.


b) LEDs are are recyclable,saving money on disposal fees

r) Reduced electric demand

a) Longer life equates to less landfill waste

n) Boost LEED credits with lighting and controls

d) No toxic mercury 

o) No harmful UV exposure

n) Installation of LEDs leads to less pollution and a lower carbon footprint

LED wet location fixture

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