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Why it is the worst and unforgettable new year for LED lighting factory?

Maybe you heard from your supplier that they stop receiving any new orders because the short of  package material or can’t get the finished products painted.And you may have the below questions:

Why the promised goods can’t be shipped now?

Why wait so long for the shipment?

Why you raised our price?

Why you can’t offer us the products even we are willing to pay more cost?

Why you can’t ship them out before CNY holiday?

Why you can’t get my order done according to our customized requirement as before?

To tell you,now this is the situation we are facing now.

1)The whole country is short of paper material(no package box) since Nov

2)All the electroplating/painting factories are closed in the day time

3)All the pollutional factories are closed

4)All the components market are closed

5)Most of our supplier don’t accept any new order in regular lead time

6)Money doesn’t work to speed the lead time for raw material

7)The raw material is rising day by day
Environmental protection administration,day and night in check,Unmanned aerial vehicle no matter what time fly in the sky.If find no shut down of production factory,the police will arrest people directly,and the police even drawn gun.

This is the worst new year season we have met in the past years.



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